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Con Report: Garrett Wang in San Antonio
by A. Kite

I totally forgot to take a notebook and pencil to take notes on what Garrett said. It's just as well anyway because I was laughing too much to write anyway. What can I say? He was funny, adorable, such a cutie. It was a wonderful experience.

Garrett came out and obligingly posed for each side of the room for easier photo taking. He had on a charcoal gray pull over T-shirt type shirt and white pants. No hat and no sunglasses, Yay!!! Garrett had his hair cut short and spiked up in the front. He looked absolutely yummy.

He gave a few spoilers and spoke of an upcoming episode where Harry leaves Voyager to become Captain of an alien ship, but he comes back at the end. He said that the original idea was for Harry to stay on the alien ship practically the whole season and come back just before Voyager gets home, but that idea was shot down by Rick Berman right away. Garrett said he wouldn't have minded, as he gets paid whether he's actually in an episode or on screen or not.

He told the standard funny stories and his imitations of Kate Mulgrew and George Takei were hilarious. His retelling of his reaction to reading the script where Seven asks him to copulate and he's like, "Well, duh!" Then he reads on where Harry has to say no. He said that was definitely the writers, no way would Garrett Wang have said, "" I thought that was pretty funny. He did say that if Harry and Seven ever did get together that she would have to respect him first.

He told the stories about Tim Russ stuffing his pants with socks and the RDM booger story. Oh! And about the first con he did in Minneapolis and how scared he was. That one was funny because he had to go to the bathroom before he got on stage and the security man didn't want him to. The guy stood and monitored the whole thing, talking into a head set saying, "He's unzipping now." Then when he got on stage and saw the 5,000 plus people he turned around and said, "I have to go again."

Garrett said he mostly hung around with Robert Beltran because their trailers were next to each others. And about how Robert throws books at his trailer door when it's standing open so that they bounce off the door and hit Garrett in the head. These are the paperback Trek novels that Robert throws. Not anything reallyheavy or valuable. ;-) Though, he did say that Robert bought one of the Harry Kim 11 inch dolls and drew a moustache on it and left it on Garrett's trailer door step. Garrett got upset because the doll was like #11 of the series and the lower the number the better for collectors. He said he yelled when he saw it, and couldn't believe Robert had ruined it.

Much of what Garrett said wasn't anything new. He did say that when Voyager is over that he's going to take two months off and travel before settling down to further his career. He wants to pay a character completely opposite of Harry, a villain. Personal observations on my part are that he looks much thinner in person than on screen, and he sure sweats a lot. It was hot in San Antonio yesterday, and they could have had the air conditioning on higher.

The rest of the con was interesting too. There were quite a few guest stars from TOS and TNG. They were on stage all together early in the afternoon. The MC from Creation was good, not a fellow that I had seen before. Creation is not know for it's programming, mainly they show you some slides and movie trailers and try to sell you stuff. Then the big star comes out, does his thing, signs autographs and it's over. This one is the best I've ever been to, I do have to say that. I paid more and got preferred seating, we were four rows back and in the center. Worth every penny.

I made my husband get in line with me too for autographs. Sadly to say, I had pictures signed, not anything risque. I didn't get picked to ask a question or say anything personal to Garrett except thank you for the autographs. I know, but what could I have said to him with all those people standing there? I'm too shy, I guess.

I can't think of anything else to say about the con. My husband and I had a lovely trip to San Antonio. We drove over from Houston on Saturday and spent the night in the con hotel. We had a lovely walk on the Riverwalk and ate dinner. We only got lost twice. Once driving into Downtown and trying to find the hotel and again when we got off the Riverwalk and up on street level. Obviously, we found our way again both times. It was all in all a great time.

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