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RanDoM Flight Cruise

April 2, 2000

Marina Del Rey, California

Cruise Report by

Annie Constantino

Hi everybody! First of all, let me say that the cruise was TERRIFIC!!! Robbie Duncan McNeill, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ and Tim Russ all arrived at the same time. When we boarded the cruise boat, Robbie was on hand to personally greet each one of us. The boat didn't leave right away coz we were still waiting for Garrett Wang to arrive. I heard Robbie say that Garrett was going to bring his girlfriend but he arrived by himself. (I heard that Garrett's girlfriend was at the Grand Slam con but I had to miss his con appearance so I didn't see her).

Anyway, if you saw the cruise pictures on RanDoM Flight's website, you probably didn't miss seeing Robbie's *very* red Hawaiian shirt. And I'm happy and excited to admit that Robbie's red Hawaiian shirt was a gift from me and another fan, given at a November 1997 con in Calgary, Canada. As a birthday present. Needless to say I was sooo happy to see that he still had the shirt and that he actually wore it to the con. :-D It did crack me up though when Ethan commented, during the Q&A session that he didn't quite hear the question because he was still listening to Robbie's shirt. LOL I did manage to get pics taken with Garrett, and one with Robert Beltran while at the cruise.

One of the funniest parts of the Q&A session was the revealing of the "fart wars" on the Voyager set. LOL According to Garrett, it was mostly Tim, Robbie and Ethan who would engage in the fart wars and Garrett was often their target. Sometimes Tim would go to the ops station and tell him, "Garrett, I have something for you," turn around and let loose some gas. Or Robbie and Ethan would go to Garrett's trailer and do the same thing. Poor Garrett! LOL He said that only he and Robert don't do that.

At one point, the actors mingled among the tables and Garrett stopped by our table. I was too dumbstruck to say anything intelligible - I think I was just smiling goofily and staring at him. Luckily, some of the ladies at my table started chatting with him so he stayed with our table for a bit. While he was at our table, he talked about his con experiences. Garrett said that he had probably done about 14 cons even before any of the Voyager actors had done one. There was a con he did where he replaced Kate Mulgrew and there were about 5000 people. And he said that he understood now why rockers become rockers coz when he faced those many people, he felt such a rush! (At this point, Tim Russ walked behind him and told us not to believe a word Garrett was saying. LOL)

The fundraising auction part of the cruise went rather well even though some of the items didn't go as high as they probably hoped it would. The fanclub raised quite a bit of money for Pediatric AIDS and I think Robbie was very pleased with the amount that was raised. Some of the items auctioned off were signed programs, signed dolls, autographed cast pictures. Aside from that, there was also a silent auction of autographed scripts, more pictures and magazines and lots more items. The last item they auctioned off was a tour of the Voyager set. Garrett said they would even take the auction winner on a tour of battle sites of the "fart wars". Robbie jokingly added that gas masks will be provided. LOL

This is all I can remember for now. I spent so much time laughing during the cruise that I can't remember what some of them talked about. But it was really wonderful seeing them together, teasing each other. It's really obvious that they get along really well with each other.

Thanks Annie for your report.
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